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Its times like these we learn to live again

And its times like these we learn to love again

9 October 1982
I'm Cindy, I'm 26 years young :) I live in a suburb right outside center city Philadelphia and I love the area. I work in Center City at a real estate/development company, I work in property management. I'm finishing up my degree in Business Management by June 2010.

2009 was the worst year ever, but has turned around now.

I started dating Ryan March 9th 2006
Engaged on December 21 2007
Wedding Date was set for Sept 6 2009
Broke up on March 6 2009
We started dating again in April and have been back together since. He is planning on moving in with me in September.
We aren't getting married in September anymore, and for now we aren't engaged either, just enjoying being "us" again.

This is us:

I'm super close with my family. My sister is one of my absolute best friends in this world.

Other than spending time with my family/Ryan, I also love my friends. I have a small group of very very close girl friends who I cherish with my heart and soul. They are awesome and we have the best times together always.

So that's that.

Add me if you want to know more :)